The porcelain and the ceramic tiles often remain at confrontation, however these two are diverse materials in nature but yet had to deal with war of the words. From the very introduction we have seen the terms porcelain and ceramic used interchangeably, depicting them as the same thing. However, the industry experts argue a world of diversification among the two terms in order to clarify the porcelains’ prestige with its high cost

The chief difference or not a difference

As it has been revealed that the ceramic and porcelain are crafted in different ways and show diverse traits once installed however, it’s still remains a challenge for ceramic tiles buyers to differentiate one. While considering your difficulty we have collected from the industrial experts the chief differences between the two to turn the war of words into somewhat peace

Well when it comes to porcelain tile it depicts higher water penetration resistance as compared to ceramic tiles

As per the experts from the industry whether to evaluate if the tile is of porcelain or ceramic, every testing methods boils down to if the tile can bear the standards of controlled water absorption

As per another expert’s opinion from the tile industry, the difference has been further revealed that porcelain is resistant, thicker, finely crafted and smoother

Do porcelain and ceramic belongs to the same family?

The ceramic tile as well as the porcelain tiles both are part of the large class of tiles that is often called ceramic. For advanced tile classes it is more an inference of reversal names, as tiles manufacturers source tiles that have a certain class and then call them ceramic or porcelain

By adding a healthy value of marketing and branding the tile industry is inclined to revive the porcelains fabled history.  The finest qualities of porcelain is white, transparent and stronger. The clever marketing techniques often mention how fine china porcelain is that can be rare and highly expensive

The market influence and the game player

However, a less of this fable is applicable on the porcelain or ceramic tiles today. As the key player is different this time. The game involves the branded and certified products. Since reliability and certification serves more than just safe guarding the manufacturer’s interest and liabilities. It’s the quick route to help consumers identify the real types and quality of the tiles they get and yes without a question of doubt the porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are none another but cousins somewhat when compared to other classes of tiles such as quarry, glass or stone

The applications of ceramic and porcelain tiles

While it hinges upon who you consider for placing porcelain or ceramic tile, for any of the outdoor usage is highly not advised. Since the tile industry professional can advise you better if the tile can bear the use outdoors

Since industry professionals claim the variety of paving and floor objects such as quarry tile, concretes or natural stone such as marbles and slates are better options that work wonders for outdoor purpose instead of ceramic and porcelain

Final thoughts

Hence it can be concluded that the ceramic tiles are not a suitable option for outdoors. Since ceramic tiles are not enough strong for outdoors due to its water absorbing qualities and if you are a resident of an area that remains throughout the year at freezing temperatures then be ready to have your tile crack with in just a single cycle of freeze

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