With the advancement in the technologies, we got familiar with yet another progressive feature of cashless India which makes it very easy and comfortable for the people to buy things and make transactions. Converting our nation into digital India is no less than a task but this also brings many positive elements with itself. The best product of it is the process of making transactions and logins which are complete security with an OTP that is confidential to the person making a transaction.

OTP or One Time Password is a password is a password that is applicable for one-time use only or one login session/transaction, on the computer or any digital device. OTPs, unlike a traditional way, ignores the usage of static password based authentication. It also integrates two-factor authentication by making sure that OTP needs access to something a person has and something a person already knows. Or in basic terms, it double checks before proceeding the transaction.

There are two main types of OTP authentication, hardware tokens, and software token. Hardware tokens or hard token is a physical device. The benefit of this type of authentication is that it is highly secured and chances of misuse or mishandling of this are rare. The drawback about hard token is that because it is a device, you need to carry it everywhere with you.
On the other hand, the software token or soft token is the one used more prominently which the generally come across via SMS or emails. These types of authentication are mostly used for transaction and login purposes.

Online OTP generator provides you with the services of creating or generating OTP for any login/transaction done on your website. This enables you to keep a track of the users of your website. However, there are many advantages of OTP generator like –

1- Confidentiality
OTP is confidential to the person it is sending to. If a new customer login, the OTPnumber is sent to the phone or the email address entered by them and only after they re-enter the OTP the get to use the service.

2- Security reason
The aim of the OTP generator is to make sure that there are no chances of misuse of the password, especially while processing transaction. This means that a prospective intruder who deals with OTP that was already used to login to service would not be able to misuse it as it would be not suitable anymore.

3- No fake interference
OTPsare confidential and secured and thus to get access to an account or make payment digitally, the OTP always comes on a platform that is authentic and registered. Anyone trying to hack your account or cards cannot get access until they verify and that is how no one can fake identity. For every login, there is a unique password that avoids hindrances.

4-OTP service providers enable you to generate OTP services for your desired website or webpage or application. These enable you to start OTP authentication and enjoy the benefits of a secured login or transaction.

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