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Parisha Sharma
                   Parisha Sharma

My name is Parisha Sharma, working as a Digital Marketing Expert. Born and raised in New Delhi and graduated from University of Delhi. I love to write about new business ideas, business tips, business world, business news, IT news etc.. Then I thought to start this blog.

Business is an eternal love, we agree. But being smart in love is as important as being in love. Following that, while you shop free and far, we cover your back with smart business tips, business ideas, shopping tips and tricks, guides and deals. Thereby ensuring not only your business, shopping, IT experiences are incredulous but that your shopping choices are smart with products that are durable, yielding a high return on your investment or expenditure.

Here is my blog BusinessWorldIdeas.com ! And I do love to explore new trending business ideas, business Stories, small business world, famous small businesses, business tips, IT world etc..

When you start writing on Business & IT, the first thing which comes in your mind is the color and trend, so BusinessWorldIdeas will solve that problem and will keep you updated on the new trends coming to the market and what can suits to you and many more things.

I have launched this blog in 2017 to let my users bring new business ideas, business world, business tips etc. I feel being on the right track as I have garnered readers’ interests, a strong social media following and a strong support of business aficionados.

You can contact me through: parishasharma21@gmail.com